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I hate writing or talking about myself, so here is a short, short story:

Once upon a time there was a child; a lonely, only child.   This child lived a very shy and quiet life in a big house that stood  beside a babbling brook in the country.  His parents were poor, too poor to provide the schooling he needed, but they made sure there were always books in the house.    

This little boy passed his early years in reading and in the company of imaginary friends - the heroes of those books, as well as some he dreamed up for himself.

He grew wiser and more confident with the years.  I suppose you could say he grew up, yet truthfully a part of him never did.  A part of him was always happier in childhood, playing with the characters who lived only inside his head.

It was inevitable, then, wasn’t it, that he should start to write about his imaginary adventures?  Short stories, articles, eventually books, at first for his own amusement, then for the eyes of any who stumbled upon them.   He worked hard,travelled far, but never far from a keyboard or a pen and he always returned to an art he understood. 

The books you see here are the latest of his work, not its entirety.  There is more, much more, to be said.   The writer of today is much different to the lonely child of long ago.  He is no longer lonely, quiet or shy, but he is still happiest in imaginary company.  Please, pick a cover, open the link and join him.  I think you will like his friends.

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There are many other FREE short stories to read here, some with humour, some with sorrow:  Follow the link on the left to spend some quiet time with Horlicks, Delphinia and other heroes.


  My latest books, with  summaries and links to their pages on Kindle and Smashwords (for iPhone, Kobo, etc.) are listed below. Just click on the title to be taken to Kindle.. 


The Butterfly Man (for USA) or The Butterfly Man (UK)

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 When a car accident takes your looks – ends your marriage and whips your fashion career from under your feet – when the only job offer you’ve got is from a man who got drunk and groped you at your wedding, what do you do?

Katherine said yes

A new life in an uncompromising northern landscape beckons: a life among millionaires who buy the remote moorland villas she will sell them. For all that she has lost, Katherine still has the ability to pitch, but are her talents really wanted? Jace Harter, her employer’s shady partner, thinks not. And Stephen, her employer, seems strangely wary of Jace….
Although she has fallen in love with her new northern home Katie knows she must leave. Confused and unhappy, she comes upon a decrepit butterfly house in the upland mists, and a man called Ben…..  


I am Cara (for USA) or I am Cara (UK)        

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 A hundred years have passed since the human race's last attempt to wipe itself out, and this time it might just have worked!  In a world where fertility has ceased and male children are no longer born, an almost entirely female population faces extinction. Bears roam the forests, wolves and wild dogs comb the streets.  

Diminishing huddles of women survive in cults or religious sects, in insular communities, or simply in hope.   But unless an answer can be found very soon, the human race will be finally run.

In her pursuit of 'The Man' free spirit Cara may seem to be a loose cannon, nearly as dangerous as the murderous female gangs she taunts - but maybe she also has an answer.....                   



    Dreamcake. (for USA) or Dreamcake (UK) 

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 Divorced after discovering his wife in bed with his boss, and at best a mediocre accountant, Brendan Martin's grey flannel life seems set on a course to frustration and failure.Then comes an unexpected reunion.

 What has happened to Sarah?  Can the dejected figure he discovers sitting in the rain be the same vibrant red-headed girl he knew at university? Finding out involves a sleigh-ride of sexual temptation, excitement and danger.  Suddenly Brendan is a target for mobsters and the subject of close attention from the police.   Apparently he has something, or knows something, everyone wants; but what?    Suspense, mystery, and sex.  What's not to like?   


Hallbury Summer (for USA) or Hallbury Summer (UK)

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Hallbury Summer Icon

Beneath the blistering sun a village slept, while unheard and in a dark place a woman was ritually murdered.
The village of Little Hallbury would remember the day Joseph Palliser returned from the city. 

Emma who loved him when he left ten years ago would discard her marriage to be with him; the furiously independent Sophie could so easily fall victim to his feckless appetite.   But Joseph had secrets neither could know, and he had only to turn over a stone or two to find the village had secrets too; secrets that were dangerous to learn. 

Hallbury Summer is a tale of a serene English village, a village with a primal, lethal heart. It is a place where Joe Palliser perfectly belongs.  


Hasugas Garden rightsizeHasuga's Garden  (for USA) or Hasuga's Garden (UK) 

 Alanee is a widow from the great plains of the Hakaan; Sala, her mentor, is a sophisticate in the City. And though their backgrounds could not be more different, their destiny is shared.

Can Alanee guide a child to adulthood - a child the power of whose mind exceeds all understanding? If she does, will he bring down the cloud of doom that hangs over the City?

Where does reality end? Where does The Dream begin?    



 World-Maker Cover FinalThe World-Maker's Child (for USA) or The World-Maker's Child (UK)


 Two brothers, each with a vital role to fill, but each in their way conditioned to fail.

Cassix is violent, pensive, lazy:  Treska is weak and pettish.  Neither has the quality their parents hoped - the tenacity to fan a first feeble spark of humanity into flame.  Yet it is vital they should succeed.  They are the first, and possibly the last, of their kind.

The World-Maker’s Child is the story of one brother’s epic battle - not with the land which nurtures him, but with himself.  It is a vain struggle for survival in the face of plenty - a fight against solitude and the grey ashen waste of the human mind, which is the bitterest enemy of all.

The World-Maker’s Child is second in a series:   Nevertheless it stands as a book on its own - it is a complete story.  But if you already enjoyed ‘Hasuga’s Garden’ the first in the series, it is a ‘must read’.